Learn more about the creation of Bee Free Honee® & the maker, Katie Sanchez.


Bee Free Honee® is great for:

  • Small Children, as there is no fear of Botulism
  • Those allergic to traditional honey
  • Foodies looking for a new flavor
  • Vegans who don’t consume traditional honey
  • Those looking for stable pricing against the fluctuating costs of traditional honey due to the decline of the bee population.

Bee Free Honee® can be used in BBQ sauces, hot and cold beverages, vinaigrettes, granola, cakes, breads, basically…if you use traditional honey in the recipe, you can use Bee Free Honee® interchangeably.

Pour it on your pancakes, waffles, or french toast, it makes wonderful apple syrup. It’s “apple honey” on your morning toast, yogurt, or oatmeal. Use Bee Free Honee® any way you can imagine…but most importantly, enjoy it.

Why do we call it HONEE and not Honey?

Quite simply, we want to make sure our consumers don’t get confused, thinking we are a conventional/traditional, raw honey.  We want to be clear that our Honee is made from USDA Certified Organic Apples and not from bees.

The Story Behind The Honee

Bee Free Honee® is the brain-child of Katie Sanchez.  Katie’s love of cooking started when she was young.  Growing up in Mound, MN, her family had an apple orchard in their front yard and her father (ironically) was a bee keeper.  For her tenth birthday gift, she asked to be able to cook dinner for her family, on the stove and by herself.  Cooking has been her passion for as long as she can remember.

Pastries were her preference, but at the time pastry schools were far less common and much more expensive.  So she decided to go to cooking school in Louisiana.  She worked on a line while looking to get her foot in the door of a pastry department.  That opportunity came at D’Amico Cucina, in Minneapolis.  There she had the privilege of working as the assistant to Pastry Chef Leah Henderson and under Chef Jay Sparks.  After three years, she left to go to work at an all natural bakehouse in St. Paul.  There she worked with vegan products and learned about the all natural foods world.  On more than one occasion she wished she could use honey in some of the vegan items.  The vegan sweeteners were so strong they would often mask subtle flavors such as vanilla or hints of lemon.

One day in 1999, while trying to make a less sweet version of apple jelly and being a novice with jelly, Katie accidentally created something that was definitely not jelly.  Not wanting to be wasteful, she ‘canned’ it only to discover in the morning, that what she had was honee!

Years later when she heard about the decline of the bee population, she asked herself two questions, could she reproduce her honee and was there a market for it?  She went back to the kitchen and after much trial and error she was able to say that she had a solid recipe.  Four years later, when she entered the market she did so with a website, a distributor, and three stores that carried her product.  We are excited to see what is to come and we are thrilled that you are along for the ride.


The Company

My name is Katie Sanchez, I own RAES Foods and am the creator of Bee Free Honee®.  I’d like to tell you a little about our company.

RAES Foods, Inc. is a family business, based in Minnesota.  Even the company name is part of the family.

R: Rosa, my mother-in-law
A: Agustin, my father-in-law, my husband, and my son
E: Emma, my daughter
S: Sanchez, our family name

Pronounced “Ray’s” and Ray is my father.

Bee Free Honee® is made in Minnesota and using strictly US apples.  The bottles and caps are from Stillwater, MN, the boxes from Golden Valley, MN, and the printing is done in Minneapolis.  I strive to keep things local and as green as possible.  That hasn’t always been easy and it is usually a little more expensive, but I have made personal commitment to be an asset to my community and to this world in any way I can, so I see it as a non-negotiable deal.

Bee Free Honee® is hopefully just the beginning.  I hope to have the opportunity to meet you at one of our sampling demos, but if you cannot get out to meet me in person, please feel free to write.  Visit our Contact page for information.

Again, thank you for your support and remember Bee Free & Natural!